FAQ’s about the ministry


FAQ’s about the ministry:

1. Do we need a large piano?  NO, as long as the piano is in good repair and tuned, it can be used effectively for the piano ministry.  Small grands and uprights are acceptable.

2. Can you minister at our church if we have a digital, electric piano?  YES, it needs to be an 88-key piano in good repair and mounted in a cabinet or stand that allows me to sit and play.

3.  Does it cost a lot to bring the ministry to our church?  NO, outside the San Diego area, I operate with a freewill offering basis plus a travel expense that is divided among the churches on the tour, it ranges from $ 160.00 – 185.00,  depending on the costs and distance traveled.  Within 30 miles of San Diego, it is on a freewill offering basis.

4. Do you just sit and play the piano for the ministry?  YES and NO, Yes, I play the piano exclusively in the concert (I don’t sing in the concert) and NO, it is not just the piano playing, I introduce each number and have a Praise and Worship emphasis for the program.  I include histories behind the songs, some personal observations, and spiritual insights.

5. How far ahead do I need to book the ministry?  Generally, six months to a year in advance, however, there are dates available sooner, if there is a cancellation or other difficulty a church had.

6. Do you only play Christian music at your concerts? NO,  I play a variety of music at the concerts, most of it is gospel and sacred music.  I intersperse some classical music into the concerts.  I have also played concerts on Saturday nights or other nights with a classical appeal to encourage people to bring their friends, relatives, etc.  The Gospel is presented at every concert.

7.  Do you only play the Sunday concerts during the regular worship services?  NO, I have played concerts in the Sunday School hour, after a dinner following the morning service and afternoon services with a dinner following.  It is good to be creative!